Term Insurance

Secure your family's future with Fincart's comprehensive term insurance plans.

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What is Term Insurance?

Term Insurance is nothing but an income substitution. You pay a premium for the life insurance coverage and God forbid if the life assured/person dies, the family gets a huge sum of money as a death claim. The amount helps the legal heirs/ other family members to live comfortably.

Why Term Insurance?

Term insurance plan comes with affordable premiums and provides high-value life cover. It offers substantially longer coverage with accidental death benefits.

Pure protection plan

Critical illness coverage

Income tax benefits

Accidental death benefit coverage

Why us?

what are the key factors one must consider before buying a term insurance cover?

How is term insurance different from other life insurance policies?


It is essential for everyone one who has family members depending on his/ her income, to have a Term Insurance Policy. It is a MUST-buy product even before you start your investment
As per the Annual Report of Insurance Regulatory Development of India (IRDAI) out of the top 10 Life Insurance Company, 9 of them had an average claim settlement ratio of 98%. It means most company honoured 98 out of the 100 death claims that was lodged. Death claim under suicide will get paid only after the policy completes a period of 1 year. According to medical science a person cannot plan his suicide one year in advance. Hence, death claim on account of suicide after one year will get honoured.

A majority of cases are rejected due to incorrect disclosures or non-disclosures of facts when purchasing Term Insurance. Non-smokers, for example, pay a lower premium than smokers. People who smoke socially, say once or twice a week, buy Term insurance under the non-smoker category. Suppose he dies and the medical history shows that he smoked, the policy will be rejected because of an incorrect disclosure.

if you are very well organized, and good at managing and understanding things on your own you can buy them online. However, in many families, people are not aware of the fact that the breadwinner had a term insurance policy. Thus, the claim process becomes difficult. In such cases, you need a trusted advisor who would stand with you during tough times to help your family.

The purpose of term insurance is to protect you from risk. Premiums for term insurance are very low, but the sum assured (life insurance coverage) is very high. For example – a healthy, non-smoker person can get insurance coverage for Rs. 1 Crore by just paying say 8000/- per annum. A life insurance coverage equal to 10 times the annual premium is provided by other insurance products that combine investment and insurance. Therefore, if you pay an annual premium of Rs 1 Lac, your life insurance coverage will be only Rs 10 Lac. In order to ring-fence your family against such risks, you must only purchase a term insurance policy.