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why protect?

You can enjoy greater peace of mind when you know you and your loved ones are financially secure from unforeseen events. Uncertainties in life can crop up at any moment and can burn a hole in your pocket. So our expert advisors can provide the right direction, here are a few ways to do it.

life insurance

Life is uncertain, it helps you to protect your loved ones and their dreams, if the main bread earners dies.

health insurance

Unit-linked policies invest a certain amount of money out of the premium into several market-linked funds and help you invest regularly while staying insured.

asset insurance

It covers your assets against a range of natural and man-made calamities that can see you suffer from losses. We cover home insurance and motor insurance for you.

critical illness

Critical insurance covers your serious & long-term illnesses that are costly like heart attack, cancer, renal failure, etc. This insurance plan helps to pay off those extra charges when traditional health insurance falls short.

how can we help you get
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Life insurance plan comes with affordable premiums and provides high-value life cover. It offers substantially longer coverage with accidental death benefits. It is easy to understand and provides critical illness coverage, income tax benefits, and accidental death benefit coverage.


No one can predict any disease or unforeseen illness, this asks for earlier preparation in the form of health insurance. The strike of any serious illness can leave one in a financial crisis but with a health insurance policy, it becomes easy to save your savings from the financial strain.


A type of insurance helps cover the gap between the present market value and the asset’s original price. It protects your asset when a legal judgment surpasses your existing insurance coverage and provides protection against replacement and repair costs in case of a lawsuit.


Some critical diseases eat all the savings and fall out of the primary health insurance plan causing severe financial crises; critical insurance plan comes here for the rescue. We Cover life-threatening diseases, provide a replacement for your income, and provide tax benefits and more extensive coverage.

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A term policy is nothing more than a substitute for income. The family of the life assured/person will receive a large sum of money if the life assured/person dies. Life insurance policies require you to pay a premium. Thus, the legal heirs and other family members can live comfortably.

We prefer all our clients to get the Term Insurance policy after proper underwriting and medical check-ups. If the policy is issued after thorough underwriting, it is easy to get claims. The most good Insurance companies have a good claim settlement ratio of 95%
There is a 15-day free look period available after the policy issuance date. If you are not convinced/happy with your insurer, then either provide them with a cancellation in writing. Some insurance companies have standard forms to fill in for the cancellation of your policy.
A Health Insurance policy helps you to cover the cost of treatment at the hospital. It even covers day-care treatment, where the patient does not need to stay overnight.
For planned hospitalisation treatment, one can apply a few days in advance, this ensures that you have the basic expense approved before you get hospitalised. For unplanned expenses, you can present the hospital card to the TPA available at the approved hospital. They will get approval. One can also fund the treatment and apply for reimbursement.
There is a grace period of 15 to 30 days for paying the renewal premium after the due date. The policy will lapse if the renewal premium is not paid within the grace period.
To understand the required amount, there are a few things to consider: your current age, your hospital preference, your & your family’s health condition, affordability etc. The healthcare costs vary from one hospital to another due to status & facilities. However, our relationship managers structure the health insurance coverage with a very high hospitalisation cover with the least possible premium. Further, these help you save tax optimally under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.
Critical insurance covers life-threatening diseases, whereas health insurance provides comprehensive coverage, including hospitalization. Critical illness insurance covers up to 36 life-threatening diseases. Health insurance, however, covers pre- and post-hospitalization expenses along with valid bills from hospitals.
The health insurance policy takes care of all diseases’ pre and post-hospitalisation expenses, except the pre-existing illness. The pre-existing conditions present before buying the policy will not be covered for 2 to 4 years after purchasing the policy (depending upon the company). Further, a list of diseases is mentioned under the list of exclusions (these are diseases where treatment could be deferred).

We have motor insurance and home insurance. 

  • Under the motor insurance, the insurance policy for two-wheelers, commercial trucks, four-wheelers & any other road vehicles is there. This is statutory insurance & is required for every on-road car. Uncertainties on-road can happen to anyone, thus, motor insurance covers your damages caused by accidents, theft, natural calamity, fire damages, etc. 
  • Home insurance protects your house from unwanted events like theft, natural calamities, electrical breakdown, fire, or man-made activities (Terrorist attacks), etc. This is required to avoid the financial loss caused by the unforeseen incidents mentioned above. The premium cost of home insurance is quite affordable.

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