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What is Tax Saving & Planning?

A legitimate way to reduce your tax liability in a financial year is to save your earnings from taxation. Tax planning allows you to minimize your liabilities and maximize your tax deductions, tax exemptions, and benefits.

Why Tax Saving & Planning?

Effective tax planning ensures stable economic growth and a consistent inflow of white money which benefits both the economy and the citizens.

Better financial planning

Consistent cash flow

Reduction tax liability

Economic stability

Why us?

Fincart understands the client's requirements and customized the best-suited tax-saving plans to minimize the tax liabilities.

Clients are provided with multiple investment channels that assure a great return without any extra burden of tax deduction.

The constant supervision of financial consultants assists in channelizing funds from taxable sources to different income-generating plans.

Tax saving helps to reduce the friction between the tax collectors and taxpayers, minimizing taxpayer legal liabilities.

What do you get in the customized tax planning/saving?

Our advisors focus on linking your investments with the products that help you save taxes as well achieve your financial goals too! 
Customized tax saving and planning help you in assessing investment value, inflation, expenses, and tax are all taken into account. It ensures that your savings from taxes are generated under the legal obligations required by the government and also protects you from any future audits or litigation.

Fincart's Planning Process

  • We focus on two significant aspects when planning the process of tax planning.
  • We focus on ways you save tax from standard deductions & reduce tax liability on your investments that are already running.
  • We understand & optimize your salary breakup/income sources.
  • To preserve the maximum of your tax, we have ample tax-saving investment options under section 80C, then Section 80CCD. Our core focus is on minimizing your tax liabilities.


People's taxable income is determined by a tax slab provided by the income tax department. The tax slab has different income categories, and the % of the tax you have to pay depends on which category you fall under. An ITR is required if your total income exceeds the basic exemption limit. If your total gross income does not exceed the basic exemption limit, then the following circumstances make you liable to file an ITR: 

  • If your aggregate amount exceeds Rs. 2 lakhs on yourself or for another person for their travel to a foreign country. 
  • If the total amount you have deposited exceeds Rs. 1 crore in either one or multiple accounts. 
  • If somehow you end up spending 1 lakh on electricity bills in either one go or through multiple bases during the entire financial year.

Our tax planning process focuses on two major aspects. In addition to saving you tax on standard deductions, we can also reduce your tax liability on investments you have already made. Your salary breakup and income sources are understood and optimized by us. Our core focus is on minimizing your tax liabilities. We have plenty of tax saving investment options under sections 80C, then 80CCD.

There are many tax saving investments under section 80C, starting off with PPF, Equity Linked Savings Schemes, National savings scheme, Life Insurance Products.

Our advisors precisely do the same by killing two birds with one stone. they link your investments with the products that help you save taxes as well achieve your financial goals too!

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