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What is Goal planning?

A layout of financial needs and wants that one wants to procure within a specific period of time. Goal planning helps you in better financial management; creates more assets and helps in managing the finances in an easier way.

Why Goal planning?

A well-laid course of action results in productive consequences without any wasting time, effort, and money.

Sensible Cash Flow Management

Smart Budget Allocation

Cost Reductions

Risk Management

Why us?

Fincart has a unique model of managing customers' money aligning with their financial goal to offer multiple high revenues.

Offers financial growth over a period of time and lays down the perfect course of action.

Brings out clarity to one's needs and wants and reflects back on the reality of financial income and expenditure.

What do you get in the customized goal planning?

  • Goal Planning is a sub-set of the comprehensive Financial Plan.
  • It is a roadmap that helps you achieve your financial goals confidently. 
  • Goal Planning enables you to allocate your hard-earned money to fulfill all your short-term, medium-term, or long-term goals, such as Children's Higher Education, Recurring Vacations, Buying Assets (House, Car, etc.), Children's Marriage, and Retirement.

Fincart's Planning Process

Planning involves the following simple steps:


  • Understanding your goals 
  • Estimating the amount of money required in the future. 
  • Picking the best-suited investment products will ensure you achieve your goals confidently.
  • Keep regularly reviewing your financial progress and ensuring that you remain on track to achieve your essential life goals.


Goal-based investing solely focuses on your Dreams and Aspirations. It is a subset of the comprehensive Financial Plan. It enables you to allocate your hard-earned money to achieve all your short-term, medium-term or long-term goals such as Children's Higher Education, Recurring Vacations, Buying Assets (House, Car, etc.), Children Marriage and Retirement.

Financial goals are classified into 3 types-

  • Short-term goals consist of smaller financial targets that could be achieved within a year. For example, getting a new computer or planning a marriage, or home renovation.
  • Mid-term goals could take about 5 years to achieve. These are the types of goals that you have planned later down the road. For example, getting a car or saving for a home loan down payment. 
  • Long-term goals require proper planning and determination as the duration increases by 5+ years. Since you won’t need the money right away, consider investing the money you are saving for a long-term financial goal. For example, saving for a child’s education investing for your retirement, etc.

Setting financial goals will let you know how much more you need to save and invest. in order to be able to realize your goals. In simpler terms, you are quantifying your goals into measurable numbers.

Yes, nobody knows your goals better than you so you can plan them accordingly to your requirements.

Hiring a professional goal planner acts like a coach tracking your financial progress to ensure that you achieve your life's financial goals.

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