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What is a Portfolio Management Service?

Portfolio Management Service is a professional as well as licensed service that portfolio managers or investment advisory firms. It is regulated by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). 

Under portfolio management, tailor-made investment solutions are provided based on the client's objectives, risk tolerance, and investment preferences. The portfolio management services are favored by many high-net-worth individuals (HNIs). The ticket size for availing portfolio management services is Rs. 50 lakh. Unlike mutual funds, there is no pooling of assets, here, every investor has a unique portfolio based on their risk tolerance & needs!

Portfolio management is backed by highly experienced and qualified portfolio managers who conduct research, analyze markets and trends, and accordingly make informed decisions. 

They monitor your portfolios, rebalance them, and make the necessary investment adjustments as per your needs! 

Why Portfolio Management?

Understanding why an investment is important to you is vital before making any kind of investment. Here are some reasons why one should go for portfolio advisory services: 

  • Diversification:  By investing in a variety of assets across different industries, sectors, and regions, portfolio management allows for diversification. Diversification helps to reduce the impact of any single investment on the overall portfolio, thereby reducing risk.
  • Risk management: Through diversification, risk can be spread across different assets, which can help protect against unexpected events and market volatility.
  • Monitoring and rebalancing: In portfolio management, investments are actively monitored and periodically rebalanced. As a result, the portfolio remains aligned with the investor's goals and risk tolerance over time.
  • Long-term focus: Typically, portfolio management has a long-term focus, aiming to achieve sustainable growth. An investor's time frame and investment horizon are taken into account when creating a strategy.
  • Maximizing returns: A portfolio manager seeks to maximize returns within a given risk tolerance by carefully selecting investments and adjusting portfolio allocation accordingly.

Why Choose FINCART for Portfolio Management in India?

We are among the best portfolio management services in India! 

Providing portfolio management services for over 20 years, we strategize & manage portfolios with a sustainable risk-adjusted return. In comparison to other portfolio management companies, we carefully evaluate your portfolio's risk.

  • You are key to our success

Our success depends on your success. We strive to make sure your finances are in good shape for this reason.

  • A personalized telephone-based service

You can speak to real people, not an algorithm. Before you make any small investment, we will answer all your questions.

  • What we say is what we do

Your transactions can be tracked online. Our team is just a phone call away, so don't hesitate to reach out to us!

  • Keep track of your progress

Your investments will be reviewed, and we will tell you how they are doing in the market. 

How to do Portfolio Management? A Step by Step Guide by FINCART

When it comes to getting portfolio management services from Fincart, our approach is simple. We follow a 3 step portfolio management process: 

Step 1: 


  • Establish direction by getting to know more about the client
  • Set strategy based on discussion 

Step 2: 


  • We analyze your financial condition based on your risk appetite! 
  • Prioritize your goals and decide based on research about your way forward! 

Step 3: 

  • Quarterly reviews and monitoring are conducted to determine which funds perform best and which do not
  • We assess ongoing risk & focus! 

Benefits of Portfolio Management

Among the exquisite service itself, there are enormous advantages to portfolio management for the needs of clients. Let’s get into the portfolio management benefits: 

  • Diversification of risks  
  • Ensures maximum returns   
  • Active monitoring & customization    
  • Extensive professional experience    
  • Diverse investment options   
  • A tax-efficient investment


It is possible for NRIs to invest in the PMS through their NRE or NRO accounts.


A portfolio management service is a professional service provided by an experienced portfolio manager to an investor. A mutual fund, on the other hand, is a professionally managed fund that pools the money of many investors.

PMS services can be offered by entities having SEBI registration. 

We at Fincart Financial Planners do not charge any portfolio management fees in India. 


  • Lack of diversification
  • Neglecting risk management 
  • Chasing short-term performance
  • Neglecting regular portfolio review
  • Not seeking professional advice

Active portfolio management

Selling and buying securities is an integral part of active investment management. By buying and selling assets or securities extensively, one intends to outdo the market collectively. When the markets are moving upward, active investment management is the key to maximizing returns.


Passive portfolio management

A passive investment strategy involves fund managers or investors taking a laidback approach to investing. The goal is to replicate the performance of a benchmark index. Passive investment management aims to generate returns similar to benchmark indexes.


  • Active Portfolio Strategies
  • Passive portfolio strategies 
  • Aggressive Strategies 
  • Defensive Strategies

The risk management process identifies, assesses, and mitigates potential risks that could negatively impact portfolio performance. Portfolio managers employ strategies to mitigate identified risks. This may involve diversifying the portfolio across different asset classes, sectors, and geographic regions to reduce concentration risk. They continuously monitor the portfolio's exposure to various risks and evaluate the effectiveness of risk mitigation strategies.

A portfolio manager seeks to maximize returns within a given risk tolerance by carefully selecting investments and adjusting portfolio allocation accordingly.

Portfolio management involves the active management of a collection of investments to achieve specific financial objectives, while asset management focuses on the management of individual assets within a portfolio, optimizing their performance and risk. 

Portfolio management takes a holistic view of the entire investment portfolio, while asset management focuses on maximizing the value of each individual asset.

Fincart financial planners provide the best portfolio management services in India with over 20+ years of experience. 

There is no maximum limit for investing in the portfolio management service, however, the minimum amount of the ticket size is Rs. 50 lakhs!